Broth for the Soul - Vision for 2022

Broth for the Soul - Vision for 2022

Good dayūüĆĪ

Here's to a HEALTHIER & HAPPY 2022ūü•≥

Every day I put my cauldrons on to simmer.

This is an ideal time to take the first step to get you back to your natural homeostasis. Your body, mind & soul needs the support & daily motivation, with the help of our divine #brothsforthesoulūü•£
When supported, the connection of the brain, gut & heart all work together to facilitate the ideal environment for managing a healthy lifestyle & to ease stress, manage inflammation, Chronic Pain and other issues that you may be struggling with.

Our products keep you FOCUSED, NOURISHED, CENTERED, GROUNDED & STRONGER by really FEELING the difference, when you support all 11 organ systems of your body, to function optimally.

Much love
Wanita Sparrow
MedicinAlly - The Art of Natural Healing
As an advocate against oppression with with pages like
to help us understand the ancestral or ongoing cycles and effects of trauma on humankind 

To be able to understand how easy we fall prey to a state of cognitive dissonance, the AIM IS to face, change and educate victims of #narcissisticabuseawareness #stopgbv #iPVawareness #misinformation #elitesinpower #gvtabuse
Once we are able stop operating from victim status, strengthen ourselves to find the courage to #sayNO & #enoughisenough to become the heroes of our own story and understanding that we are not alone, life becomes as you wish it to be.

My extensive research and focus is on natural & metaphysical solutions for the heart, mind and soul. Since 2016 we began making natural products, to strengthen our own loved ones  - which is how MedicinAlly - The Art of Natural Healing came to be.

As you know, healed people have the empathy and wisdom to provide a platform and understanding, for those who are brave, to do the same. Our #brothsforthesoul have become a starting point of commitment to the self, for change with a daily ritual of pure nutritional goodness for strength.

All my platforms are available to assist in any way possible for the greater good of humanity by sharing, discussion & finding solutions - Join
Comments, corrections, guidance, solutions and new perspectives on any information shared is always welcomed, so that we can have a better understanding of health intelligence, as an inclusive community of support and understanding.

My passion of 25 years in tourism has allowed me to seek a life of serenity & joy with my focus on all our beautiful country South Africa has to offer

With incredibly valuable networks and goals for success, we promote people, places and products that offer "lekker" #mindfultourismexperiences which will be featured on and

My mission for my country
South Africa, is to show the world we are the perfect destination of absolute beauty for recovery & regeneration, where communities are empathetic and wise, we support one another, support local business and work with the most incredible #mindfultourism partners who know the true meaning of hospitality‚̧

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