Guilt & Dis-ease = Ho'oponopono

Guilt & Dis-ease = Ho'oponopono -
Change your language & retune your frequency. What U channel matters. It is time to change your old programming.

U are POWERFUL beyond measure. When U go within, U will find all the answers!

What is Ho'Oponopono?

"An ancient Polynesian belief adapted by Hawaiian healers to solve current day societal ills. The phrase Ho'oponopono means to 'set right'. By acknowledging one's responsibility for having caused wrong, seeking forgiveness, love & finally expressing gratitude."

The practice is simple.
Sit comfortably with your spine erect.
Close your eyes & breathe deeply.
Inhale, hold, exhale & hold.
Inhale as deeply as U can from below your navel.
Hold for as long as U can comfortably. Exhale as completely as U can.
Just breathe normally.
As U find yourself relaxing ask yourself ‘what is it in this negative situation I am responsible for’?

It is about U, not about blaming someone else. It is also not about blaming yourself; just becoming aware of something within U, a thought or action that may have some relevance in your mind to this negative situation, that U are trying to resolve.
U need to have compassion for others & yourself, as U enter this state. If U are open, memories will arise.

Whatever memories & emotions come up, accept responsibility by saying ~ ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, thank u, I love u'💜 Repeat over and over, feeling each word deep in your heart and soul ♥

U are apologizing, especially to yourself.
U are in acceptance of what happened.
In a sense U surrender to the universal energy that U are part of.
U are no longer ashamed, regretful or guilty.
U are relieved.
Close by saying ‘I love U, I thank U’.

It's about loving yourself & your inner energy. It"s about expressing gratitude ~ the noblest of all emotions, to the extension of yr energy in the Universe


💜Step 2: Ask for FORGIVENESS ~

💜Step 3: GRATITUDE ~

💜Step 4: LOVE ~

The universe provides exactly what U ask for. With this mantra, I am slowly gaining my freedom & peace 💟


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