My Personal Journey to Happiness!

My Personal Journey to Health- Wanita -

My excitement is overwhelming since I made the decision to break my silence and tell my story with no more fear of judgement from anyone as I too still have so much to learn.

I choose not to be invisible anymore.
My soul is yearning to facilitate & guide you to wellness by sharing my story whilst reversing my own symptoms. Years of misdiagnosis has left me to find my own cures through research and I have discovered a world of happy people and healers who are in a quest to save the suffering by leading them to wellness, to healing self. I am NOT my diagnoses.

Losing my words, being invisible and struggling with speech is why a lot of you havent seen me for some time, I have been finding my courage. I have been writing and reconnecting.

Over the last 4 years, I have come to realise that Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis, along with symptoms like depression, anxiety, brain fog, weight issues, addiction, joint and muscle pain is a dis-ease of the spirit. I think of it as Super-Woman Syndrome or soul sickness, and self-love is its message.

You are not your body. You are spirit. Your body carries the messages from your spirit.

Uncover the source of your emotional/spiritual pain and you will no longer need the messages of the physical pain.

All the information you need is all out there - waiting to resonate just with you for healing.

The emotional pain that comes with dis-ease are feelings of :

- Feeling completely alone with total despair

- Feelings of hopelessness - "there is is just no use"

- Completely done trying to prove your worth

- Low self-worth & self-esteem

- You have lost the will to live

The universe only says yes - what questions are you asking?

What are your goals?

Where do you see yourself in one month, five years or even in 20 years?

If you dont have an answer to this, then you are already there.

If you are ready, it is time to dive into your pain, delve into the depths of your spirit, your deep - rest (depressed / spiritual amnesia) is over.

Begin by writing down EVERYTHING in your life that has brought you pain, shame, grief and trauma. Take yourself back there and remember to breath. This may take some time but its imperative that you do this for yourself❤

Come along and find your self, with so much love and good intention, just like I did. You may not be anxious or depressed. There may well be a medical issue that is causing you to feel this way. Let me guide you through a process to heal yourself through integrative & holistic methods. One step at a time.

My daughter Alexandra Sparrow, an integrative healer & vegan chef established her business MedicinAlly: The Art of Natural Healing in a very natural & holistic way, to heal her own dis-ease with a focus on gut health and provide a platform that facilitates the art of natural h e a l i ng, with a positive approach to a new lifestyle of good h e a l t h bliss.

Begin your journey of self love & h e a l i n g!  I cannot wait for my next chapter where I have more energy than I did in my twenties! My vision, dreams and goals are unfolding with infinite possibilities of abundance and where my skills, my knowledge & my wisdom is celebrated to make a difference in the lives of others!

Wanita Sparrow 

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