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Wellness lifestyle changing products designed & produced by Alexandra Sparrow (Ally) - Integrative Healing & Holistic Chef & Wanita Sparrow (Mamma) - Integrative Health Facilitator & Mindfulness Practitioner. A mother and daughter team, who through their wellness journey and understanding, holistically came together to create MedicinAlly, to provide a facilitation platform with their products for anyone to heal their own lives, one healthier sip & bite at a time!

Since 2004, at the age of 7, Ally playfully began experimenting with natural ingredients, flowers, herbs & produce, on their family farm in Magaliesburg, which developed a personal and meaningful understanding & relationship with flavours, scents & the benefits for natural healing.  From an early age her motto was #foodismedicine.

By the age of 8, she was already making beautiful elixirs, tinctures & broths, which began a journey to her own natural wellness & healing. 

Wanita, an avid metaphysics, mindfulness & consciousness researcher, took Ally to her weekly meditation & prayer circles, when she was 6 years old.  With the help of Marisa Da Fonseca Wollheim, at Serio's healing sanctuary, Ally was able to heal her natural childhood fears & nightmares, through various & playful mindfulness modalities, which eventually became a daily practice on the Sparrow farm.  Together with Ally's brothers, they developed many of their own modalities for self-awareness & actualisation for their overall wellness.

At age 19, Ally received some shocking news regarding her health that could've gone one of two ways, she either heal herself with chemotherapy OR she takes her healing journey into her own hands. She made the conscious decision to dive back into following the modalities she learned as a little girl, whilst researching how to heal herself with food, along with better understanding the metaphysical reasons for dis-ease. Of course, the decision was not a difficult one. 

Naturally, she chose the latter and that is where her journey began to heal herself, which of course she did! Whilst Ally was on her healing journey, not so long after, Wanita was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis. It is a tough chronic pain disease to live with and to manage correctly, with over 60 symptoms. At the time, Wanita was supporting Ally by sharing her daily nutrition which shifted her into the same space as Ally and together they began to see the physical,  mental and holistic benefits of healing their lives naturAlly.

Following Ayurvedic principles and integrative natural healing soulutions, Ally healed & began reversing both their symptoms of dis-ease & chronic pain, much of which was triggered by trauma, some which dated back to childhood. 

With the help of their beloved GP for 15 years ~ Dr. Richard Albrecht, they discovered the solution to good health by kickstarting & improving their biome/microbiome & gut health with the natural & locally sourced produce by MedicinAlly, along with healthier choices, they have since facilitated many people, to heal their own lifestyles too.  It takes 21 days to change a habit and with their daily "healthier rituals", they discovered a perfect & easy solution for overall wellness.

Health is a daily practice, it is a lifestyle. We have committed our lives to guide others, because once you have the same mindset to wanting to be healthier, all else falls into place. It's not about being the most beautiful, having a “model figure”, great teeth, or ANY physical attributes, it is about FEELING good on the inside and we promise, it will show on the outside. When you FEEL good, you become a magnet for GOODNESS.

Through basic health intelligence, with the magnitude of experience & knowledge, their products have been specifically produced, to boost & strengthen your immunity with their natural & locally sourced products.

Through many years of trial & error, with their purpose to heal others, with the guidance of intergrative medical doctors & holistic practioners, together they are facilitating their own ongoing healing.  They have established many clients who have also healed their lives by nourishing their own physical, mental & spiritual health, with their tasty & delicious broths, elixirs & tinctures, for a more mindful & healthier lifestyle. 

Inspiring a delicious, fun & healthy "real food' lifestyle of mindfulness with extensive research & practical health intelligence, when it comes to healing your life with food & natural products & metaphysical soulutions, their products are steadily becoming a "must have", for many, all over South Africa.

If it is a very uncomplicated healthier lifestyle, which eventually becomes effortless.

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