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Wellness lifestyle changing products designed & produced by Alexandra Sparrow (Ally) - Integrative Healing & Holistic Chef & Wanita Sparrow (Mamma) - Integrative Health & Mindfulness Facilitator.  A mother and daughter team, who through their wellness journey and understanding, holistically came together to create MedicinAlly, to provide a facilitation platform with their well researched & beautiful homemade natural productsm for anyone to heal their own lives, one healthier sip, thought and bite at a time!

There is no such thing as a healer, only people who resonate with our core beliefs to enable us to trigger the magic that will give us the "qi". Also known as Chi - this is life force or vital energy. Everything in the world is made up of qi, including the physical body and the feelings a person has.

Our story is a real life story of triumph through research, trial and error and discovery of a completely new way of life. 

For most of Wanita's life she was mis-diagnosed.  By not accepting any diagnosis, she came to realise that the quick fix for any ailment, was always a prescription.  Her fight against BIG "FARMA" began in 2017 when she realised her posts on chronic pain groups were being blocked and deleted.  Doctors just kept prescribing more and more meds, instead of finding the core root of her pain.

Her and her daughter made the decision to follow their gut instincts and heal their lives naturAlly.  The side effects of years of the wrong medications, caused even further medical issues in their lives and they decided on changing the narrative according to a modality Wanita taught her children from an early age, called Trusting Your Tummy Compass (https://www.medicinally.co.za/blogs/news/trust-your-tummycompass). Their narrative began changing to the NOW.


In 1996 Wanita gave birth to twins and her entire perspective about science began to change. She began understanding the manipulative connection between "religion & science". Through extensive research and asking people questions, she began her own understanding of the underlying causes of her own dis-ease of the body.

Born in 1972, her parents were only 16 and 18 when she was conceived, her childhood was filled with trauma with her parents abusing alcohol with extreme violence and infidelity in their marriage.  From a very young age she began her own survival techniques, to protect herself and younger brother, born with a strabismus and with dyslexia. One of the more advantageous qualities in many dyslexic people is their ability to think outside the boxUsually highly emotional intelligent individual who come up with excellent, unorthodox ideas that are not only fresh, but often lucrative as well. Critical thinkers: Another trait that some dyslexics possess is their ability to use logical reasoning. This is how why she later began to focus on the metaphysical side of healing trauma, often triggered by any toxins and dis-ease in the body after finding the courage to leave two failed marriages with narcissistic and abusive husbands where the physical, emotional, mental and financial abuse became life threatening.

She began to gently HEAL the body, the mind and the soul, by FACING, FOCUSING & FEELING pain in various ways as she began educating herself with many tools, with a deeper and better understanding of the importance of the health of all 11 organs of the body's own health intelligence ❤

Since 2004, at the age of 7, Ally playfully began experimenting with natural ingredients, flowers, herbs & produce, on their family farm in Magaliesburg, which developed a personal and meaningful understanding & relationship with flavours, scents & the benefits for natural healing.  From an early age her motto was #foodismedicine & food is love.  By the age of 8, she was already making beautiful elixirs, smoothies, tinctures & broths, which began a journey to her own natural wellness & healing.

Wanita, an avid metaphysics mindfulness & consciousness researcher, took Ally along to her weekly meditation & prayer circles, when she was 6 years old.  With the help of Marisa Da Fonseca Wollheim, at Serio's healing sanctuary, Ally was able to heal her natural childhood fears & nightmares, through various & playful mindfulness modalities, which eventually became a daily practice on the Sparrow farm and continued when her younger son was born in 2008. Together, with Ally's brothers, they developed many of their own modalities for self-awareness & actualisation for their overall wellness. they began to develop many simple solutions such as https://www.medicinally.co.za/blogs/news/wiggle-your-toes-gratitude-meditation - to teach and learn with and for her children.

At age 19, Ally received some shocking news regarding her health that could've gone one of two ways, she either heal herself with chemotherapy OR she takes her healing journey into her own hands. She made the conscious decision to dive back into following the modalities she learned as a little girl, whilst researching how to heal herself with food, along with better understanding the metaphysical reasons for dis-ease. Of course, the decision was not a difficult one. Naturally, she chose the latter and that is where her journey began to heal herself, which of course she did!  Whilst Ally was on her healing journey, not so long after, Wanita was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist with Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis. It is a tough chronic pain disease to live with and to manage correctly, with over 60 symptoms, often triggered by trauma & abuse.

At the time, Wanita was supported Ally by sharing her daily nutrition which shifted her into the same space and together they began to see the physical, mental and holistic benefits of healing their lives naturAlly.  After the death of her grandmother, a fantastic cook who made food with love, Ally decided to become a chef.  She attended HTA with the help of Michael & Michelle Holenstein, went on to work for Chantel Dartnall, Ally began her own business Alexandra's Healthy & Delicious and featured on the cover of magazines because of her success as a mindful vegan chef.

Wanita was a victim of a violent rape at the age of thirteen. Her rapist was her mother's boyfriend and she never told a soul for two weeks because of the stigma around rape. Suffering with shame, she remained silent. After two weeks she told her mom who broke down completely and tried to get help.  Her mom contacted with Wanita's fathers and step-mother, who said that "if Wanita was raped, she probably asked for it."  She was silenced and began to dissociate from the incident. It manifested into many issues throughout her life until her body began to scream for help. The shame and guilt was too much and as an empath, she began self destructive habits, covered with kindness and humour for her own mental wellbeing.

Together they transformed Ally's health business, which follows Ayurvedic principles and integrative natural healing soulutions, Ally healed & began reversing both their symptoms of dis-ease & chronic pain, much of which was triggered by many traumas, some perhaps ancestral and most dated back to childhood. 

With the help of their beloved GP for 15 years ~ Dr. Richard Albrecht, they discovered the solution to good health by kickstarting & improving their biome/microbiome & gut health with the natural & locally sourced produce by MedicinAlly, along with healthier choices, they have since facilitated many people, to heal their own lifestyles too. 

Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is a daily practice, it is a lifestyle. They have committed their lives to guide others, because once you have the same mindset to wanting to be healthier, all else falls into place. It's not about being the most beautiful, having a “model figure”, great teeth, or ANY physical attributes, it is about FEELING good on the inside and we promise, it will show on the outside. When you FEEL good, you DO GOOD and become a magnet for GOODNESS in a higher vibrational frequency where life is full of infinite possibilites.

Through basic health intelligence of a mind and body that is in tune, with the magnitude of experience & knowledge, their products have been specifically produced, to boost & strengthen & boost immunity with their natural & locally sourced natural products.  Victims of trauma often become empaths and are often highly intuitive and understand fight & flight mode all too well as they are constantly scanning the room for danger.  The upside is that they are able to read energy well and know that LOVE & COMPASSION is the only answer.

Through many years of trial & error, with their purpose to help others as well, with the guidance of intergrative medical doctors, a gynaecological oncologist & holistic practioners, together they began facilitating their own ongoing wellness with great success.  They have established many clients who have also healed their own lives by nourishing their own physical, mental & spiritual health, with the tasty & delicious broths, elixirs, smoothies, tea & tinctures produced by MedicinAlly, for a more mindful & healthier lifestyle.
Their beautiful 100% natural, sustainably sourced, grass fed and bio-friendly packaged products keep your days FOCUSED, NOURISHED, CENTERED, GROUNDED, STRONGER & HEALTHIER🌱

With the aim to nourish, manage, strengthen & boost your immune system and provide support for ALL 11 organ systems of your body:

Integumentary | Skeletal | Muscular | Lymphatic/Immunity | Respiratory |
Digestive | Nervous | Endocrine | Cardiovascular | Urinary | Reproductive

They encourage a narrative to use words such as happiness, increased energy, positive emotions, pain-free, and at peace.

"When we internalize wellness, we are able to activate the benefits in everything we do, which in turn spreads to other souls in our lives, in divine timing", says Wanita.

With extensive research and through trial & error, she knows that it takes
approximately 21 days to create or break a habit. This period allows one to create new brain synapses, thoughts and then behaviour in the mind, to change self limiting beliefs. "Thoughts that fire together, wire together" - Dr Joe Dispenza.

The importance of healthy daily routines/rituals, eventually become the foundation for a happy and healthier lifestyle. The MedicinALLY aim is to inspire you to follow your very own daily rituals, focusing on your relationship with food & nutrition, this way you will eventually become attuned to the true value of beautiful & natural ingredients.

Nutrition will become a new language of love, an act of self love and compassion for everything.

This healthier lifestyle journey of nutrition and a keener understanding of methaphysical "soulutions" has allowed us to provide A PLATFORM for wellness
for YOU to begin or continue the life of your dreams where you feel & see a new glow in your thoughts, body, heart and your soul.

Remember, it all begins where the QI / Chi Life Force Energy takes place - YOUR GUT!  When your gut is out of whack, your whole life may become extremely out of sorts.

Research shows that dietary habits influence dis-ease risk. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities that are begin to STRENGTHEN & SUPPORT any issues that you may be struggling with.

Our products have been beautifully designed and are natural Antioxidants, Hydrating Alkaline & Anti-inflammatory.

Our Medicinally Lifestyle Wellness products with well researched nutritional and highly beneficial natural ingredients are life-changing:

Liquid Gold Beef Bone Broth💙 250 - 500ml per day (in the morning and or before bed
Chicken Bone Broth💙 "
Spicy Thai Chicken Bone Broth💙 "
Vegan Collagen Boosting Broth💙 "
Ooh Mammi Vegan Broth💙 "
Ayurvedic Immunity Elixir💙 25ml shot in the morning
Ayurvedic Antioxidant Elixir💙 250ml each day
Alkaline Hydrating Cleanser💙 250ml -1 litre per day
Ashwagandha Chocolate Smoothie💙 250ml per day, preferably after a meal as a dessert
Green Superfood Smoothie💙 250ml per day as a lunch replacement
Antioxidant Chia & Buchu Tea💙 250ml-1 litre per day
Courageous Prebiotic/Probiotic Breakfast Salsa 💙- 7 Day Course consumed with Psyllium Husk, Bulgarian Yoghurt and 90% Lindt Chocolate.

They urge you to dig deeper for #metaphysical soulutions for mental & physical wellness.  This is the most exciting journey and your body, mind & soul will love you for it!

Welcome to your new MedicinAlly Lifestyle Wellness Journey where the aim is to continue or begin a new relationship with natural ingredients, beginning with delicious and restaurant worthy products lovingly made by professional Chef - Alexandra Sparrow, to bring your body to it's natural homoeostasis.

Wanita is also an advocate against any form of narcissistic abuse, as a survivor of domestic violence for decades, she broke free and is now committed to helping others understand intimate partner violence, abuse in all its forms and how to get out and away from abuse with knowledge and absolute dedication to women and young girls in cycles of abuse - https://www.medicinally.co.za/blogs/news/narcissisticabusedictionarytohealtrauma.

These two women are selfless warriors of love & compassion ❤ 


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https://t.me/joinchat/1AwzKrsXQo42MDY0 = Health Intelligence

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