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Ayurvedic Natural Immunity Elixir 500 ml (20 servings)

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Natural Immunity Boosting Tonic!

This delicious tonic packs a strong punch with it's tart citrus flavours ,a slight burn from the raw cold-pressed ginger & Ayurvedic spices. Best served in the morning in a shot glass, knock it back and just feel your immunity thanking you!

  • For good immunity, Ayurveda recommends a good intake of vitamins such as Vitamin C & E along with Ayurvedic Herbs & Spices, our tonic is full of these.

  • Another Ayurvedic recommendation for healthy immunity is to be physically active and to provide a proper recovery to our body, in order to give it a chance to strengthen its resistant forces. The best way to do this is with yoga practices, walking, mountain hiking, meditation, pranayama breathing techniques.

  • Serving suggestion: Take a 25ml shot in the morning, if you want more after that feel free to do so!