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Vegan Asian "Ohh Mammi" Broth 500ml

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Vegan & Delicious!

This Protein-Rich, Vitamin & Mineral packed vegan broth is just like a savoury cup of Asian soup with hints of umami flavour, miso paste ,a dash of lemon & turmeric. Best served warm...hmmm

What is Vegan broth?

Basically, in our words, it is a delicious clear broth/soup made with locally sourced vegetables, filtered water, Ayurvedic herbs and spices, simmered for 24 hours and then once cooled we add Vegan Protein powder to the broth to help aid with collagen production within the body. This broth is packed with healthy minerals and nutrients

"I've been on a major gut healing kick lately and this is my newest obsession. I've been hearing about the benefits of bone broth for years, but as someone who is plant-based, I've never tried it. While we might not be able to get the exact same nutrients with plants, I knew there had to be a way to create a healing “bone” broth that didn't have any actual bones! So that's what we have here today: a vegan bone broth that is nourishing, delicious and packed with protein & Nutrients."

Plants can also make a pretty impressively nutrient-dense brew.

Mushroom stems are rich in the mineral selenium, which supports the thyroid and prevents mental health decline.

Parsley stems offer blood-producing iron and bone-supporting vitamins.

Potato skins have potassium, which stabilizes blood sugar, enhances bone health and supports neural function.

Carrot shavings are rich in vitamin A which repairs tissues, supports healthy bones and aids eye health.

Kombu imparts potassium, calcium, Folate, and iodine

CollaVeg Powder- It is packed with all the protein and nutrients needed to help your body make your own COLLAGEN NATURALLY - How cool is that?

Recommended Daily Allowance from 250ml per day To get the best benefits of broth, it is recommended that you consume it daily for at least 3 months. See the FAQ's on our site